Thursday, August 21, 2008

I love my friends!

So I totally love my friends because they took me out to a super cute little tea party for my bridal shower. It was intimate and fun and involved NO GAMES - just the way I wanted it! :)

Nick looked like a total hillbilly trying on my hat as I got ready...

Here are InSung, me & Laura.

Here are Jessica, me & Kara - the ladies with the hats!

Cute favors by Kara! Each little tin had a tea bag inside! So appropriate.

Tea! Yum. We must've had 5 different kinds of tea... I was up until 3 in the morning!

The food was amazing! We had almond scones with creme & lemon curd, finger sandwiches, and a bunch of little desserts!

Here we all are!

And of course, the girls bought Nick & I awesome presents! I love this shot that InSung took. I can't remember what Jessica & I were laughing about, but it's a great moment.

Crate & Barrel LOVES to wrap things. The wrapping just kept coming and coming! According to Jessica, this is my Carrie Bradshaw bridal couture look!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Video Upload Test 1: Pandora Drinking

This is strangely relaxing to watch. I can't really say anything more about it. -N

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturday Morning

Lately it has been GORGEOUS here. I mean about 65 degrees at night and and 85 degrees in the afternoon. Occasionally there's an afternoon shower. The weather has been amazing for the middle of August. That being said, Nick and I have been stuck in a fluorescent lit building on almost every beautiful day.

Today was Saturday, and we woke up to more beautiful breezy blue skies. Finally!

We made an omelet from fresh ingredients out of the garden.

Check out the massive sunflowers.

Cleo & Pandora enjoyed the weather, too!
(And the fresh catnip...)

Aww...He loves the big furball. :)

Doesn't she look ferocious? She's totally killing that piece of grass!

Nick showing off his freshly harvested hops!

I am in love with this photograph. It looks like it could be one of Nick's paintings! It's one of the hops cones.

In the afternoon, I went to High Tea & Nick brewed beer! Those pictures are to come...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Babies & parties!

Hi all! As usual, it's been a while since my last post....

We have been crazy busy with wedding planning & working. At the end of the day, we're happy if we have any energy after dinner, so there hasn't been too much to blog about.

We had a "play-date" at our place a few weeks ago. Kara, her baby Claire, In-Sung, her baby Minhae, Laura, her baby Victoria, and Kristi (the only other friend without a baby) all came over. Nick retreated to the basement, but he did come out to take some photos of all of us hanging out. :) Victoria is behind In-Sung in the playpen.

Here are Victoria and Minhae. Look at those faces! We're sure they'll be causing a LOT of trouble soon.

Here are Claire and Victoria trying to eat the letters... No worries, we immediately grabbed the choking hazards out of the baby hands.

Our dear friends Jessica & Adam (and their son Chase) our moving to Hagerstown to be closer to family. Sad for us, but great for raising Chase. So, they had a going away party last weekend. We hadn't seen them in a while, so it was great to see them before they move.

The food was amazing! I could've eaten this entire platter. Yum.

Nick & me with Rob & Anna. Rob, his wife Danielle, & their daughter Anna live next door to Adam and Jessica.

Baltimore to Hagerstown...

On a tangent, I bought wedding shoes! These aren't the shoes Nick will be wearing, but I made him put them on as an estimation to make sure my shoes didn't make me taller than him... They don't! :)