Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturday Morning

Lately it has been GORGEOUS here. I mean about 65 degrees at night and and 85 degrees in the afternoon. Occasionally there's an afternoon shower. The weather has been amazing for the middle of August. That being said, Nick and I have been stuck in a fluorescent lit building on almost every beautiful day.

Today was Saturday, and we woke up to more beautiful breezy blue skies. Finally!

We made an omelet from fresh ingredients out of the garden.

Check out the massive sunflowers.

Cleo & Pandora enjoyed the weather, too!
(And the fresh catnip...)

Aww...He loves the big furball. :)

Doesn't she look ferocious? She's totally killing that piece of grass!

Nick showing off his freshly harvested hops!

I am in love with this photograph. It looks like it could be one of Nick's paintings! It's one of the hops cones.

In the afternoon, I went to High Tea & Nick brewed beer! Those pictures are to come...


KaraB said...

you two are such ridiculously good photographers it's just...well...ridiculous! :-)

LoveLladro said...

yeah... i am with kara... we are showing up on Sat morning for breakfast! carp... i am moving this Sat... alas, it was not to be.

iskim9 said...

Your garden looks amazing. And I love all pictures: food, plant, cats and you guys!!

By the way, I think Cleo needs to come with me to play with Minhae! lol