Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Official!

Yes, we're engaged. Nick proposed on Easter. The ring was in a golden egg in my Easter basket. Very cute. And very surprising. I was hoping for it on Tuesday, our two-year anniversary, but he surprised me by popping the question a few days early.

So, for our two year anniversary, we went to the Chameleon Cafe
It was amazing. Here we are all dressed up. :)

2008 Catch up

So... Other than squirrel mania, we have had a fairly uneventful year. Until recently. My new job has been going really great. It has been a slow and long training period, but now one of the senior Print Production Managers is going out on maternity leave, so I will be put to the test by covering all of her accounts. I am looking forward to having something to do during the day!
School has been going okay. I have two more months and a TON of work to do. Luckily, it's all fun work with a rewarding finish of graduation.

Cleo has had a nasty eye infection. 7 trips to the vet and $600 later, her eye is looking much better.

Apparently, Cleo drank too much... No, she just likes to drink out of the toilet.

Nick's friend Jordan (and his band) came down from New York to play a show in Shaun's building. What a coincidence! We ended up being out until after 4am!


So, one Friday, about a month ago, we come home and the house is destroyed. There are plants knocked over. Citrus eaten through with BIG teethmarks. Crackers all over the counter with rodent holes in the bag... THEN, we find dirt? and BLOOD all over the bathroom! The walls, floor, window, ceiling even! We figure whatever was in the house has either escaped or been eaten by the cats. Once we sit down to watch TV, we notice the cats are staring intently at the fireplace. Hmm... That wasn't dirt in the bathroom, it was ashes! We had accidentally left the floo open. Then the madness ensued. Nick closed the floo, trapping the animal in the chimney, and whatever was up there was MAD. It was growling and kicking the inside of the chimney. Nick went to the store and bought a live trap. He cleverly devised the trap below.

The unknown rodent entering the cage:


Biting and running and growling.... We have a video, and I'll post it once I can figure out how to do that.

Nick using the fireplace hook to transport the squirrel.

We called animal control and they said squirrels rarely carry rabies, so there was no need to get it tested (in case the cats came into contact with it). So, Nick and our friend Seth drove the squirrel to a park. Hopefully it won't find its way back into OUR house!