Sunday, August 19, 2007

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Nick and I went camping at Deep Creek Lake
last weekend. It is way up in the most north-western triangle of Maryland. We got there Thursday night with just enough daylight to set up our tents. As soon as nightfall came, and we were attempting to start a campfire, along came the fattest raccoon we've ever seen. Luckily, all of our food was stored away in the car, so as to not attract any black bears. The weather was pretty nice. It never got over 85 during the day and it was in the high 50s to low 60s at night. We had a great and relaxing time. On Friday we went hiking up Meadow Mountain. On Saturday we went fishing and floating around in the lake. We also got in a lot of reading time. It rained on Sunday as we were packing our stuff up, but it wasn't too terrible. We stopped for lunch at Cracker Barrel on Sunday and it was delicious!

Our campsite.

Us chilling in front of the fire.

N: be glad you can't hear the screaming kids/parents. Or the idiot with the BMW that kept worrying about the "power-to-weight ratio" as they were loading their crap in to it. He was serious.

Nick enjoying a camping cigar.

Me woman. Me climb rock.

A flower we found while hiking. I think it's called a Jewelweed or something along those lines...

Deep Creek Lake in all of its mountainous glory.

Scenic overlook.

This was the welcome sign for a tiny town we drove through. Accident, Maryland. Priceless.

Here we are driving home with the car loaded up.

Nightime photography from our porch by Nick.

So, we seem to have started collecting vintage Florida souveniers. We found this wall scroll at a yard sale. Here it is hung in our red breakfast nook/pantry.

N: Please send me thriftshop/garage sale Florida souvenirs, thank you.