Saturday, November 17, 2007

Washington, DC

We went to Washington, DC the weekend before last. We took a lovely stroll in the sculpture garden at the National Gallery of Art. Then we saw the Edward Hopper exhibit, which was amazing, but super crowded.

After we took in our fill of modern art, we got back on the Metro and went to Georgetown. Wow. That place is crazy. I have never seen so many rich teenage Paris Hilton wanabee girls. There are great stores and good food, but the place is full of jerks. Towards the end of the night, we stopped at a bar which claimed to be "the friendliest bar in Georgetown" on its sign. Well, the roaches were friendly, anyway.


So, last weekend we took a day trip to Pittsburgh, PA. "Why?" you might ask. Well, it's this little thing called Flight Club. This is a club started by Dan Klos, a guy we work with. This was the third day trip Flight Club has taken. Check out the site for Dan's commentary about the day. Also, pictures are uploaded to Shutterfly (you may need to refresh the site to get it to work). Feel free to check out the 240+ pics.


For Halloween, we went as a 70's couple. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of us together, but here's one of Nick. He's sitting by the fog machine, but we think it looks appropriate with his costume. :) You can see a glimpse of my super awesome polyester jumpsuit in this photo.

I also made super scary finger cookies for work. Don't worry, the "blood" is chocolate syrup & food coloring.

A couple of weeks before Halloween, we drove out to the country and took a hayride out to the pumpkin patch.

I didn't do a pumpkin this year, and Nick did his really quick.

Just because, here are our pumpkins from last year.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Catching up - October Version

October has been unseasonably warm, but that hasn't stopped us from doing some Fall decorating. I made a wreath for our door and we bought fake pumpkins!

Pandora likes to play and drink in the bathtub. Nick took a video of her. Apparently, she likes to watch her own home movies.

So, the couch that we got from Adam and Jessica - definitely a bit too big to fit down the stairs to the basement. Let's just say, 3 holes in the walls, a car jack, an hour of kicking, and two very happy boys once it was done. Thanks for all the help Shaun! Luckily, Nick will get very good at repairing drywall.

Um. Uh... Yeah.

And some other random outside pics

Catching up - September version

Okay. So it's been about a month since our last post. Apologies!

Lot's of stuff has been going on, so here's a bunch of photos and a quick recap.

My friend Jessica's dad got an awesome job a Google and moved to California. This is his going away party.

Jessica also had a baby shower for Peabert. I designed the cake and had it made! (Yeah, I'm a little behind on the posts, because Chase Harper was born yesterday morning - Congrats Jessica & Adam!)

The same night as Jessica's shower, Nick and I took a Thai cooking class. We had lots of fun and ate all the food before I remembered I brough the camera. Oops.

Our friend Amy got married, too! There are more pictures to come (thank goodness, because I look like I ate a bug), but have yet to arrive. It was a great time with lots of amazing music, food, friends & open bar. We are posing with our friend Kara. Her baby is due in less than 2 weeks and I can't wait to meet her!

Friday, September 21, 2007


So, as we've been unpacking, all the stuff that needs to go to Goodwill, be sold or be stored has been hapharzadly thrown in the basement. This past weekend came the time to clean it up.
My friends Jessica & Adam were getting rid of thier couch and offered it to us. This one is much more comfy than the last one we had (also a donation from Jessi & Adam). We all decided that the previous couch should be donated to Jessica & Adam's church. So, in order to get the couch out of the basement and the new one down there, massive cleaning had to be done. This picture was taken about half way through, once my alergy attack started (if that's any indication of how messy it was before). So scary.

Rose's Blog

So I went to DSW with Nick to find black shoes for my friend Amy's wedding. Instead, Nick found both of these, which I just love! So I thought I'd share my new shoes.

Pandora did not want me to take pictures of the shoes. She wanted to be the center of attention, so most of the photos have her blurry face in them. Here's one I meant to take of her. Nick likes this one, so I'm posting it.

And some artsy photos I took the same day...

(Thanks Mom for the shells!)

Yard sale treasures.

My new tube receiver from 1960. Fisher 800, best receiver you could buy for years.

Since it sort of half-way works, I have to operate on it and perform some standard mods to keep me rocking and to keep it from burning the house down. I have new internet friends that told me what to do to it. Those brown things are bad, and there's a silver thing that needs replaced, and that big black can is leaking. After those are fixed it will sound great, providing I am not electrocuted.

My new bad-ass basement chandelier. $5 and a "swag" light kit with gold chain.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


That's right. Own a house and now we have to fill it with toys. We had a tiny one (see S'mores pic from the very first blog) that Nick had to bend over to use, but it broke. So, we went through half the summer with no grill - a huge problem. Here are the pics I managed to take of Nick figuring out the drill and instructions before I pitched in for the assembly. Yeah... by the time it was complete and cleaned up, we just wanted to go inside (away from mosquitos). So, hopefully there will be a "finished" grill picture to come.

Yard Blog


5" slug

1 sunflower, next year we'll try for 2

total hoser

WTF?!? ...our bunnies are of course, evil. We thought we would starve out the evil bunnies by letting all the grass die. It didn't work, they just got smaller and eviler, and now the yard looks like crap.