Sunday, July 29, 2007

Painting & Randomness

Hello again. Not much going on here. Just working a lot and still trying to get the house together. We have officially decided to turn our breakfast nook into a pantry. Pics of that to come.

This week we have been painting the bedroom "robin's egg blue." I don't know if it has quite turned out the right color, but we're going to go with it. Here we are painting. Aren't our cheesy fake smiles great? It wasn't really that bad. :)


Cleo being her usual laid out lazy self. Such a fuzz ball!

Our super awesome lilies after a rainshower:

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rehobeth Beach Daytrip

So as part of our plan to get out and be(feel) more human, we took a weekend trip to Rehobeth Beach in Delaware this Saturday because "it's better than Ocean City", which is closer, but does totally suck, real bad. This place was about as touristy and overcrowed as O.C., but without the gambling, Ripley's museum, and overwhelming urge to murder everyone within reach.

(R: It's not as trashy as OC either.)

After laying out (R: Nick is looking like a lobster from the neck down!) and watching the beach fill to capacity for about 2 hours, we walked around and found a place that we thought might have fried fish sandwiches (R: They had one.), the Purple Parrot, which had that lame beach party themed open air bar thing going—but to my surprise, they had cold beer, huge sandwiches, good service and the best fries we ever had.

We waited around til 3 for the once a day Dogfish Head Brewery tour, which Rose thought (correctly) that I would enjoy, the website gives all the info, minus the fact that the restaurant is not the brewery, come to find out, which is 10 miles outside of town. So now what? ...Duty-free outlet shopping, Delaware's only marketable natural resource. The deal is, as long as you spend at least $120 you will get back the 10 or so dollars in tolls it takes to get there. I bought $5 worth of hot sauce, so Rose, picking up the slack, came back with this...

Behold, $170 worth of Majestic Yellow dream mixer, in all it's refurbished and discounted glory.

Our House (on the corner of our street)

Welcome to our blog spot. We bought a house 3 months ago. Here it is along with some of our awesome plants.

We love our little side porch and eat almost all of our meals out there. This night is when we had my friends Jessica & Adam over. We had a smore catastrophe, but it was a great time.

I have two hilarious, loving and lazy cats. Nick made a cat fishing pole with feathers at the end. They go nuts for it.