Sunday, July 29, 2007

Painting & Randomness

Hello again. Not much going on here. Just working a lot and still trying to get the house together. We have officially decided to turn our breakfast nook into a pantry. Pics of that to come.

This week we have been painting the bedroom "robin's egg blue." I don't know if it has quite turned out the right color, but we're going to go with it. Here we are painting. Aren't our cheesy fake smiles great? It wasn't really that bad. :)


Cleo being her usual laid out lazy self. Such a fuzz ball!

Our super awesome lilies after a rainshower:


LoveLladro said...

hey! we painted a bedroom blue this weekend too! pictures to follow on our site!

Mom & Dad said...

Nick, looks like you found an outlet for your painting talent! :)

Annike said...

I think of you guys often,and enjoy seeing your updates on this blog.

KaraB said...

I cannot thank you guys enough for your help in painting my nursery...and for keeping me company too!!! You guys are awesome, and I stand in that room and spin around and jump up and down cause it's so pretty and I'm a dork.