Friday, January 9, 2009

Thanksgiving '08

Halloween in January

Okay. We didn't REALLY have Halloween in January, it has just taken me THAT long to post these pictures.

We went to a party on the Saturday before Halloween. Nick was a 70's guy and I was a fairy princess. Let me just mention that we were double booked that day. We had ANOTHER costume party to go to BEFORE this one. The earlier party also happened to be a 1 year old's birthday party, where Nick and I were the only adults that dressed up (other than my friend Kara, the mother of the one year old). Um. Apparently I was the princess that was hired for the party. I've never gotten so many baby hugs in my life.

Nick and our friend Chuck

And we went to another party on Halloween. Nick wore the same costume (for the most part), so I decided to match him this time. After the party, we went down to Fell's Point, which was NUTS. I've never seen so many slutty costumes on a FREEZING cold night before! I should've taken more pictures.

Our friends Allen (Where's Waldo) & Silvia (Amy Winehouse)

A female Where's Waldo!

The coolest costume we saw in Fells' Point - Optimus Prime!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wow. Has it been a month and a half already?!?!

Things have been super busy here. Once we got back from the wedding, it was time to get back into the swing of things at work and at home (amazing how a wedding puts everything else - like house cleaning - on the back burner). The very next week, we had a friend over for Thanksgiving. It was nice and intimate. I made some pies and we watched 'Wedding Crashers.'

Then it was time to get ready for Christmas. I haven't even had a chance to finish my Thank You cards, so don't be upset if you didn't get a Christmas card... There were birthday & holiday parties to attend, and presents to be made (which didn't really come to fruition). Before I knew it, we were flying back down to Florida to spend a few short days with the family for Christmas and Nicks' 31st birthday.

Grandma Jo & the newest addition to the family, Reagan

Of course we shot some stuff - our new redneck Christmas tradition!

The day after Christmas, we went out on the boat with TJ and enjoyed some natural Florida beauty, the sun, watching skydivers jump, and plenty of Coronas.

The next day was Nick's B-day! We spent the day thrift shopping and hanging out on the beach.

A Leibee family portrait

Here's Nick with one of his birthday presents, a guitar pedal kit. It was almost all put together in this picture.

Nick & TJ play tennis with golf balls so hard, the balls shot through the racket! Wow. He looks serious.

While we were there, we TOTALLY forgot it was still winter up here in Maryland. It was so nice to actually relax for a change! Then we were back in the cold and Nick got sick, so our New Year's was pretty chill. We stayed in and made quesadillas. New Year's Day, we made an awesome brunch - the perfect way to start the year. Forget black-eyed peas and ham hocks. Belgian waffles with homemade strawberry compote and freshly whipped cream, washed down with mimosa is the way to go! YUM.

The weekend right after New Year's, Jordan & Damion came down from New York, so we had them over with Shaun and his girlfriend on Saturday for hot dogs, darts, air-hockey & a jam-out session which lasted well into Sunday morning.

All-in-all, married life is good. To be honest, we haven't had a chance to stop and think much about it. Things feel pretty much the same as always. For those of you waiting on wedding pictures, we're in the same boat. I haven't gotten the disk yet, but I'm sure it will be arriving soon. Once it does, you can bet there will be a LONG posting here with lots of pictures!