Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rose's wedding update

Okay, so this is just a small update. I have TONS of pictures in the camera that I need to upload, and then I'll get some new pics up here.

We've been busy busy busy!

The weather's starting to get a bit cooler and mushrooms are popping up everywhere, which reminds me that Fall is around the corner, and we are only 2 months out from the wedding! We have been working on lots of little wedding projects. The big project right now is trying to get the invitations sent out. (A HUGE Thank you to Mandi for all of her help with letterpressing and paper!)

In other good wedding news, Nick finally bought a suit last night! It doesn't need a single alteration. Hooray! I was getting a little nervous there about what he was going to wear...

Nick's hops plants are continuing to do well, despite the rest of our garden being overgrown. He recently made a batch of "summer ale" and it's delicious!

We've also been trying to keep up with all of our friends and our social life. It's so easy to let work and wedding cut us off from the rest of the world. But, our schedule has been packed with birthday parties, playdates, trips to the new resturants around town, art sittings, and soon - yard sales & Fall open house parties.

I promise I'll get some pics up soon! Maybe I can even get Nick to do a post. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Your wedding is only less than 2 months away! I still think you and Nick should open your own business. Both of you are so talented! I was amazed to see what you guys are doing for your own wedding. It is going to be so beautiful!!