Monday, July 14, 2008

This blog covers a lot...

So... It has been a busy month and a half. After the graduation party, Nick and I bid farewell to my family. A week later, it was my birthday. A bunch of my girlfriends from work went out and saw the Sex and the City movie! It also happened to be my friend Kara's birthday, so it was a double celebration. 

Kara and I are trying to do the "sexy look," but I can't stop laughing...

After the movie, we went out for mini-martinis and mini-desserts. :)

Once the girls were headed home, Nick picked me up and we went to Club Charles with Shaun and Jordan.
I like this photo I took of  Nick & Shaun at the bar. 

The very next week, Nick and I headed down to DeLand, Florida. We were only there for a weekend. Let me tell you, it was a weekend crammed full of wedding planning. We actually got a lot figured out and managed to come home somewhat more relaxed (and with a MUCH longer 'to do' list.)

I couldn't resist posting this pic of Nick. His mom found these great straw glasses, so she had to put them to use!

I would like to say the next couple weeks were spent recuperating. The amount of school work, house cleaning, deck building & stress leading up to graduation didn't dissipate as quickly as we would have liked. But we were busy with baptisms and work related boating trips I know - poor us! ;)

Minhae & InSung at Minhae's baptism

Victoria (our friend Laura's daughter) reaching for Claire (Kara's daughter).

I love this photo that Nick took while we were boating. A huge storm had just passed through. 

The fourth of July was nice. We went to our friends, Jeannie & Neal's house for a cookout and some fireworks. It did get a bit rained out, but we still had a great time.  

Nick LOVES fireworks!

Our friend Chris drinking "the coldest beer ever."

For some odd reason, I decided that a 3 day weekend would be perfect to redo the kitchen cabinets. By redo, I mean take down, scrape of tons of sticky mystery goo & grease, fill in the holes from the old hardware, sand them, prime them, and paint them. Four coats later, the cabinets were ready to get new handles! We also cleaned, sanded, primed & painted all of the insides of the cabinets. 

Ripped out cabinet from above the fridge

Let me just say that applying contact paper is NOT easy. 

Obviously, this project took much longer than the 3 (2.5 if you count going to Jeannie & Neal's) days alloted. This would have been okay, except that we had our entire neighborhood over on the very next Saturday! Our neighborhood does a Progressive Dinner, and we had volunteered to host the soup and salad portion of the dinner. All in all, we managed to get the kitchen completed and cleaned up in time, and the dinner was great! Everyone raved about Nick's chicken tortilla soup! As usual, we partied with our neighbors until the wee hours of the morning. Yesterday was spent cleaning, watching movies and recuperating.

The kitchen doesn't photograph well at night, but here's an idea of the new look. The color is WAY less orange. The cabinets are actually a very nice retro-looking coral. 

And just for giggles, here's a pic from what our kitchen used to look like. Check out the mustard yellow wall above the cabinets. Please ignore the outfit - this was pre-air-conditioner! Oh, and before you ask, I was cat-fishing. :)


LoveLladro said...

SITC Party - Tres Chic

Straw glasses - flipping funny!

You guys totally run the gamut!

And LOVE the new kitchen color! It really brightens and opens it up!

KaraB said...

ROSE, quit putting that ugly picture of me at the SaTC night on all of your Web sites!!!!!!!