Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First Thursday, Firewood & Fish!

We went to First Thursday this month. It was the last of the season (goodbye Summer...) The Oranges Band played. It was an amazing show. We went straight from work, so we stopped by the Stable for some dinner and a pint. Our neighbors met up with us at the show, where we found a patch of grass and sang along.

Our neighborhood had a community yard sale last week. Unfortunately, the Baltimore Marathon was going on so the main street was closed, and nobody came by. What ended up happening was a bunch of neighbors swapping junk. We found a fully functional fishtank for $5! Once Nick got it cleaned up and operational, we bought fish!
At first we bought a black molly and a dalmation molly. The black molly ended up being pregnant!

Just yesterday, we came home and she was MUCH smaller. At first I thought the other fish had eaten all the babies, but slowly we saw tiny little squirming fish. We have black gravel, and all of the baby fish were hiding in there. We managed to snag a few and put them in the breeding net (to save them from being eaten). There are still a bunch hiding in the tank, but we've managed to "save" at least 11 of them.

We also ordered a cord of firewood. When the wood is delivered, they just dump it in the driveway. It took us almost 3 hours to get it all stacked. Doesn't this look like it's in the country? I love that our city house can feel so peaceful and far away sometimes.